Monday, June 22, 2009


There are days I despise my position in life.
No. I realize, blessings flow everyday.
I see, dear, after the rain, comes the rainbow.
There are days, all I can hear is the weather vane on my house, and I am beyond content with the way the wind blows.

I also, spoiled myself rotten over the weekend, barely coming outside.
(except to weed eat)
I, napped with dogs, ate like a queen, read books, wrote furiously in my journal,
and of course, drank Dos Equis, and dreamed of pizza.
(ate jalapeno burgers, instead.)

Champ and I had a heated debate over Wyatt Earp.

We listened to Leonard Cohen, and lazed in the bed.

I wasn't lonely, and everything felt right.

It still does, feel as if,
I could very well, turn into a dejected piece of space matter,
at any given moment.

Listen kitten, I realize, being a grown-ass woman, with her wits (somewhat) about her, should we continue cat and mouse? Should I always let bygones, be bygones? When, do we, sweep everything under the carpet, as if nothing happened? I mean, the dirt is still under the carpet, and just because, I tried to clean it up, it means the dirt is still there!!!

Where is this coming from? I'm really not so sure, but I am sure, I know what I'm talking about. To question what is, ultimate truth, is like sitting on the couch, bitching about a white elephant. She's still there.

The reason, you don't see her?
Is the whole point of the white elephant syndrome.
She's still there!!!

Address the white elephant with caution, but address her, damn it!

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