Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowgirls

That's not how the song goes, I know, but there are lines in that song, that reflect how I feel on occasion. It's a new season, the Cowgirl Season. You do shit by yourself, but the feeling of feeling alone when I'm with a bunch of people has finally eased. I suppose, I am in a good "place."

Cowboys ain't easy to love
(This cowgirl had been told the same thing)
And they're harder to hold
And They'd rather give you a song than diamonds or gold
(I, would prefer the song,too.)
Lone star belt buckles (sigh)
And faded old Levis (meow)
And each night begins a new day
(Reminds me of Mark Twain)
And if you don't understand him
(True, for me, the faster I run, the more I am feeling you couldn't comprehend the meat of me)
And he don't die young
(You don't ever know)
He'll probably just ride away
(Or speed a way, look at that red streak!)

Then the chorus, we all know, I will cover guitars, and old trucks soon.
I hate to point this out,
But you cant make somebody "do" something.
(Too literal?)
They'll never stay home
(Runnin' to Ga, and NC, it's what I need)
And they're always alone
(Except for the dogs)
Even with someone they love.
(The last line, has already been covered.)

I do, enjoy smoky old pool rooms, and clear mountain mornings.
(Next line)
Little warm puppies and children and girls of the night.
(I love puppies and children, but prefer, um, men of the night)

Them that don't know him, (wait for it)
Wont like him (better off)
And them that they do
(I like you too)
Sometimes wont know how to take him (my greatest fear)
(How many discussions, texts, phone calls, emails, blogs, have encompassed this topic, eh?)

I'm not fearful of the long winter, (Sweet Baby James)
I'm not afraid to ride a buckin' horse every now and then.
I believe, I look for them.
The wild horses? I look for a challenge.
My appetite for what's new?
Has not been satiated, and I suppose, this is a great thing.

He's not wrong he's just different and his pride wont let him
Do things to make you think hes right
(Sounds about right)

Of course, I love old trucks, and guitars,
(The boys who drive em', and the boys who pick em'.)

You can see my perspective, right?

It all adds up?

I think so.

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