Thursday, June 4, 2009


I don't know if I made the choice not to sleep, or if I wasn't sleepy, or if I couldn't sleep. It was a tough choice to make. I was up and down. Ready to rest, but sure, something was about to unfold. My hair is so wavy and thick, with all the humidity, and my refusal to to turn on the air conditioner. I couldn't hear the sounds of the outside, so you might as well smite me. the windows up, suits me so much better. Am I hot? If it's too much, I take off my toboggan.

Before all of this began, I was scrubbing the tub, listening to something as awful as The Black Eyed Peas. The radio stations are different here, and, being such a sucker for the physical things of the past, oddities? I listen to this huge boom box radio that had been in the barn, circa 1970 somethin'. It picks up this one station I love, but on occasion, it throws in a tune, that is too plain, or main. It obviously made me scrub harder. I was transfixed on the fact that the "something" in the back ground wasn't what I wanted. So I focused on the one thing that was making me as docile as a crocodile.

Sometimes, caught in the web of the Black Widow. When, I should always be reminiscent of the sweet spider, herself, in Charlotte's Web. I remember 4th gradish, that was a go-to movie. It always made me cry, even as a 8 year old.

Was my fortune unfolding, before I could even have a handle on it? Did the Gypsy, have my hand, before I had any assistance on cultivating my fate on my own? I'm just not so sure.

Hold on loosely, but don't let go. 10 points, if you can name the title, and lead singer.
Ok, you can include the band name.

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