Saturday, March 14, 2009

Survival of the fittest

Today produced a flashback.

A flashback of the day I had last seen Jme in Murfeesboro.

We had went to eat lunch, and I was a wreck. I was hungry, super sinusey.
Evil, little stare on my face.

The day was overcast.

Tickled to be with Jme.

Sad she was moving back to Texas.

We had been to the post office, doing duties only your best girlfriend would perform. She was nervous. We had to mail packages. The longest line to a P.O. you have seen.
We didn't have 1 or 2. We had 4 or 5. Bags. Purses.

Do you have a pen?


Right here.

At the P.O., we decide to mail things through the do it yourself thing. It was fine.

Until the line backed up on us.

O.K., we can do this.
You know that frustration with yourself when you feel extra pressure.
Gotta hurry, the person behind me is pissed.

Look at her, cute jeans. Ugly face. ( Did I mention judgement? )

Buttons pushing, weighing packages, card using, typing skills become challenging.
All of a sudden, so hot, you can't see straight.

I hate pressure. I can't stand living in a pressure cooker.

All said and done, we got back into the car.
Let me get back to my moodiness of that afternoon.
We had decided to eat lunch. At Mellow Mushroom.
Losing my effing mind out of hunger.

We sit.
And sit.
And sit.

I am a time bomb ticking away.

Jme goes to the restroom, I had noticed this extremely good looking, older man.
Really, a hot, older, man. A firefighter.

Bring on the hose.

He smiled. I smiled.
He mouthed, how are you?

I literally looked over my shoulder.
P.S. We were sitting in the corner.

I mouthed fine, and couldn't stop smiling.

This foxy, fire fighter man, was totally checking me out.

I welcome it.

Today, a similar situation occured.

Not a foxy firefighter, but a foxy, well dressed, but still kinda casual man at the grocery store.

Beautiful blue eyes. Raging eye contact.

Hugh Laurie agish.

Take me now. To your car and bang me relentlessly.


Read carefully, I don't want to do your dad.

It just feels amazing, when, hot dudes check me out.
Even the older ones.

Even the ones who just want to bang me. Even the ones who are begging me to be in realationships with them. Even the ones who only look at my rack when speaking to me.
Even the ones who don't interest me in the slightest bit. ( Did you notice? Realationships, that's how I naturally type that word. ) Word!

Fixed? There's no need to repair what just may not be broken.

We misjudge sometimes.

Like when you close one eye and try to focus, different vision.
Depth perception.
Open them at the same time...
Totally changed point of view.

I love gumption, it's absolutely admirable.

It's when you can air the gumption, not just say you have it.
But prove it's salt.

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