Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Till the Garden!!!

Tuesday. What a good day!!! I had my haircut, and it looks fabulous, probably the best H/C Mr. Pete Higgs has given me in a good while!!! Headlight out in my car got me off track from basking, yes, basking in the sun, for about 30 minutes, and right to Landa's. Beer drinking started at 1:00. Which is not something I just do. Have a beer @ 1:00? There are times the exception has to happen!!! We can't always follow those rules!!!!

We had to rent a tiller, there we go, beboppin' down the highway, in silence.
Listen closely.
What? You heard me.
Pure Quiet. Which isn't the rule either, generally Landa and I are talking. Steadily.

Not this cow.

It took, I don't know, 15 minutes to get to the place......
So we get back, hang out, still, not a lot of talking.

We seem fine with that.

Brings me back to a time Kim Perfetti and I could spend the entire day and barely say 10 words the whole day. This is when her oldest was a toddler. I guess we were 18ish. 19ish.

Back to Landa's.... the back door was open, we had a sandwich and watched Days of our Lives, and began our plan of action.

Should we wait for Steven to get the tiller off the trailer?

No, we don't. We hardly ever wait for Steven to help.
So Landa, taking matters in her own hands, gets the thing off of the trailer, and begins.

I roll up my jeans, bring up my top to sun my belly, lay my head on a towel, and nap.
Plain and simple. Nap in the back yard. On the trailer. While she does her tilling.

Legs danglin'....

I leave my chucks on.

Somehow, I cut my ankle during my nap. During a nap?

The boys get home.

Steven (her hubby) said, gosh, your'e red.

Seth (the oldest child) states, Miss Paula is getting a tan.....

Well. I am red, red lines to separate my chucks from my skin, jean line (bruise on hip from St. Paddy's day, knees, just about bruise free),(which is another post for another day, you thought I forgot, APW?), perfect line from my scoop neck tank top......

Before going home, we go to soccer practice....still, not a lot of talking....
Contentment I suppose, the past week, Landa and I have had those comfortable silences...

Before home, I drag my rear to the dam to walk, work some bugs out, try to work up an appetite for supper....

Drop by the grocery store, the lady says "Dang, you're red!!" I laugh.
BC, I am sweating. I mean, I am hot..... to the very touch....

I get home to inspect my skin, oh, it is red.....
Freckles poppin' out. My freckles are just perfect.
For me.
I love each one.

So, I'm a little itchy today. I don't have any lotion at my house, so I rub baby oil on myself, which, I don't really like.
I sit on the edge of the tub to dry out......

I'm cold, and hot all at once, so I put on my finest little shirt and panties, and my Melissa Dees toboggan, dodge Champ claws at all costs....

All and all, perfect day.

I didn't really feel any anxiety, or pressure, I went with the flow, instead of insisting doing things my way.....going against the grain....

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