Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You got the needle?

That's me. Waiting to pop like a balloon. Full of frustration and weakness. Generally hopeful and optimistic. Those emotions are trapped in the drain from where I washed my hair.........

Pop like a balloon? Crying not needed. Relief, constantly searching.....

Sexual frustration? Look in the laundry basket.

Issues....well rounded, and plausible.

Environmental reactions..... on the way. Like the hero in those trashy paperback novels my great grandmother would read.......

Today, is blah. It's sprinkly. At least I got out of bed, out of the house.

Nothing sad going on, nothing dramatic, or anything exciting and happy, just a dose of nothing.

I guess, monotony.

Sometimes, I don't know what is worse, drama unfolding everywhere....
or, nothing to report.

Wait and see. I suppose.

If you need me, I will be in the bathtub, peeking over the edge, like a gator in the swamp.

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