Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dream Theory

This is the one thing I have in common with Freddy Krueger. Ya know, coming to life, only in your dreams kind of thing? Weather has been perfect here and I am still recooperating from having Sue and the kids in town, and we had extra lots of fun and did super evil monkey things that cant ever be repeated, replicated or even thought of again due to the extreme amounts of imagination going on here. Seriously. It was uber wonderful to have them here in Tn and I am jealous that they had to scurry back to Georgia for the kids to go back to school and actually begin life again with their Daddy and all that. boo. Highlight though. I will see them again hopefully soon.

Many updates here so try to follow the mad rambling mess. Lets start with Easter. Life is hard on the boulevard folks, but just you try to stop B and I going to church. The plan was to meet at my house around 10:30. Did this happen? no. Not B's fault, just a lot going on. B was supposed to pick up his car he had left at his parents house the day before since he took the farm truck to his house the day before. Well, B's parents took his car to church. B's folk's house is 5 minutes away but with the local swarm of THP and Sheriff's department this just isnt happening. After all, it is Easter morning. So he did get to the house, dog's in cages, I had been completely dressed, hair brushed, makeup on! Ready to go! Bible in hand. B had to finish getting ready, change shirts, comb hair, blah, blah, blah. We were busy. (Dog's mad) So I started the super wagon up to cool it off, bc it was HOT Sunday morning, which I ate up, B, not so much. I drove like a crazy woman, B reminding me NOT to swerve for animals in the road. (I've GOT this.) We get to church, kind of running, trying to catch our breath, Pastor Bob had already started. We were trying to sneak into church and of course everyone looked at us, and I smiled like a Cheshire cat. We sat behind mom and dad and were just grateful to be there. All in all, we survived church and had lunch with the folks, hid Easter eggs and had a good time. We went over to B's Mom's and Dad's, not only to pick up the car but to visit. B's folks live next door to people who have little bitty baby mini horses which I always wave at and annoy. One of them had a baby!!!! It was sooooooooo cute, and not bigger than Champ. CRAZY!!! A horse not bigger than Champ!!!!!!! Whoooo HOOOO! As you can see, Easter Sunday, was a dream come true.

Will update you more later gators. Duty calls.

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