Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Times are hard on the boulevard for everyone I seem to come into contact with. Financial woes, marriage woes, living woes. It never ends. I'm sick and tired of all the celebredrama the world wants us to feed into. B and I are living to a new mantra. "Does it really matter?" In essence, does it really matter all in all? We mean things like our credit score, we wont have to purchase a new home, or anything else for that matter, so right now, no, credit doesn't mean shit. After all, it can all be rebuilt. We mena things like, it's just water. All in all, small is small. I feel as if B and I are in a place of rebuilding of sorts. Working things out together. Discovering we can do many things with very little. It's crazy how motivated you can become, when you just have to. B has not had the luxury of making some choices lately, and I have been praying (with a lion's heart) for him to see some change. It's a troubling time to become stagnant. Or felt forgotten. Or feel to have your pride drained like water out of a bathtub. He can do it though. I see it in him. I see changes, although subtle. Back to the mantra, there are things things that shorten my fuse. Sometimes we just have to accept things the way they are in order to grow or get to the next step. I know I get all frustrated at silly things, just like everyone else. turns out when I really ask - Does it matter? the answer is generally no. I am not saying do what you want, nothing matters, but only you can make these acceptable changes and apply them to your life. So peace be with you, and all that jazz. Oh, and just in case I forgot to tell you, I love you.

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