Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Book of Proverbs saved my life...

Welcome the wait is one of the most difficult, soul-bearing journey I find myself on. I feel utterly embarressed that life feels "on hold" right now. And why can't I feel this way? I am thankful for the days before us and the days we are living in now. I am blessed beyond measure to have a man who really focuses on me and focuses on goals, and our future. Our future home, our future children, our future paradise that we deserve. Sometimes we find ourselves in awkward moments and he always seems to find a way for me to see the positive side. Our days are long. Our eyes are sore from staring at the horizon. I pray for us to have renewed strength, renewed vision, and to have the understanding to maintain our journey. It may not be something to you, but my B sees me as his family, and I see him as mine. How awesome it is to have someone to want to be included in the madness known as my life. We long for a job for him, but he said it today, "does it matter?" No. It doesn't really matter. For the most part, the only thing that matters is we continue to do things together and remain encouraged. I am thankful for B, for his kind way of truly being a part of my life. When I feel like an orphan. When I feel left behind. When I feel stuck but am as able as a 4 wheel drive. It's rare to hear him complain, but when he does, it's a severe storm. Please pray for us today to receive comfort and our struggles, as we pray for you in yours.

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