Saturday, March 20, 2010

String Theory, romantic interludes....

Of course my coffee from Hardee's tastes like cough medicine I took when I was kid, and it all makes sense. things have been random lately, which is fine, but I think I'm ready for "steady." It's beautiful here today and of course I have things to do which are not fun. Boo. I'm ready for a hike. I'm ready for a toe in the cold mountain stream. I'm ready to pee in the woods and pray I don't get bitten. by anything. i.e., snakes, badgers, foxes, wrens, wild boars, dinosaurs, Champ, kittens. you know, all the reasonable things to be fearful of. Again, I'm ready.

Had crazy dream a few nights ago, which terrified me in the beginning, but now I can laugh at it while I drink a Colt 45. I had a pretty disturbing dream about Micheal Myers. Now stop. You may think I'm all wrapped up with this thing and he's chasing me through the woods and all I can hear is Bobby West play the theme song on his piccolo. No. My dream was that I was going to college with MM. Yeah. College. With Micheal Myers. But he was all normal speaking but he still wore the mask and jumpsuit. Yes, he was still like 900 feet tall too. And, he wanted to be my friend. But I didn't want ANY part of it. MM would sit all close to me. He would like try to bargain with me why I didn't want to hang out. I was like, MM, YOU KILL PEOPLE!!! MM was all "Not anymore!" I was all "I saw you kill that chick yesterday!" MM was all "UH-UH!" Come on people, I cant make this shit up. HE WAS KILLING PEOPLE, then talking about Shakespeare and shit the next. I was TERRIFIED!!!! Long story short, research the schools you let your children go to. No worries though, if I'm not there, MM wont be there either. (cause we might be BFF and all)

Exciting thing that happened yesterday? We have a client named J. Dyke. What is her dog's name? IMA. When the technician called for her, what happened? IMA DYKE! Of course we put the name of the dog and the last name of the owner together. Oh shit. It was pure money. THAT would have been considered the money shot if it were a porno. seriously.

It all happened to the song by THE Mr. Rod Stewart - Do ya think I'm sexy?

With all those things aside, I am planning a new adventure. Not into the world of beauty pageants as it SHOULD be happening, but more realistic ideals. (this wont stop me putting MY baby into a beauty pageant, and I can push my little girl into a world of insecurity, a la 300 style.) I am putting my ducks in a row, (pay no attention to the girl BEHIND the curtain), I am facing reality. Even though, it is hard, I have to. Getting older is inevitable. Dying happens. Guess what though? I have known of at least 4 funerals the past 2 weeks. which forces me to look at life. I say it all the time, I know, I know. But I am going to church tomorrow. I don't care if I show up in jeans. I'm going, and we are going to EARLY service. I read a bible verse this morning that has dug into me like a rider on a horse pursuing feeexes. foxes. Feex. Back to the bible verse.

"You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?" Galatians 5:7 Well, me. And outside temptation. I have to get back in the race.

things have been difficult for all of us. 2009 was a whopper. 2010, is going to be better. I don't know how, but I think it CAN be better. I slept remarkably well last night and today I face freedom. I guess it all will be okay. I have a flurry of emotions, some familiar, some not quite comfortable. I am trying to come to grips with changes. Changes within. Watching others go through trying, turbulent changes. A metamorphosis almost. Ready to let go. Move forward. See it in a different light. I want the best, so I hope for the best. I see a lot of weakness in the strong. I realize how frail the powerful can become. I grasp at the way to comfort. I try not to stare with my eyes wide open like a lamb. In some ways I treasure how naive I have been. Sometimes I am grateful for the way I have had to cope. the other day when I talked about March being traumatic and a troubling month, I suppose it always will be. The weather pattern changes here in March, which provides an outlet of a whole other level. We all get that tingle of renewal, that hope. Winter is long. It effects our moods. I complain all through winter. Here is the bottom line. We all feel we get the short end of the stick, so if were all gonna be in the same boat, there's no one else I rather be in it with.

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  1. You're a brave woman.

    If for no other reason than kittens are some dangerous mother fuckers...