Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just let it out already!

Dear Self,

It's time to let your guard down and be real about what you really want. So Dear Self, what are these dirty little desires? For one, I would love to fast forward to the times of having B in my life to help in day to day life. It's very demanding and difficult to do things by myself all the time. Like carrying groceries, 40 lb bag of dog food, all at the same time, try not to fall in the yard, fend LBD off me while I struggle to unlock the door at night so I don't have to make repeated trips. (you make shit hard on yourself!!! SELF!!!) Keep up with having my oil changed!!! It sounds petty, but it's MAN WORK. (Judge me!) I enjoyed being married, but I didn't enjoy being married and living life on my own. after being told Dear Self how you needed to work more, make more money, mow the yard, take care of dinner, take care of the cars, haul off the trash, blah, blah, blah...... I will not go back to that. B, please read! I will leave you!!! I do it all now, like I did then and at least I don't have to hear someone tell me they love me in one breath and remind me why they think I am a uber slacker in the next breath. Please, Learn that your words are horribly toxic now!!!! Regret this as you drink your favorite (fill in the blank here) drink mixed with rat poison. Hello, 9 to 5!!!!

The B comments, about how I would leave you, please understand I haven't seen any of these dangerous character flaws and wouldn't even dream of just being your girlfriend if you did display these random acts of selfishness. I love you. Let's move on here.

Self, I love you. I want better for you. That sinking feeling you get in your stomach is normal. All these desires you have are valid. It's YOUR cocoon. Who cares if others want in or not? Look Kid, all I'm trying to say here Self, is you have my support. I have YOUR back. Now get in the game!

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