Monday, March 1, 2010

on the high horse, side saddle....

Patience is a virtue. But what about the mean time? Your footprint is larger than mine and this means desolate wasteland. I heard the buttons pop off inside. It was strange. and how bout those people out there criticising every last thing I revere? These are MY ears. I will clean them however I see fit. (dont judge me.) yes, drinking water does help that water weight run off your body quickly. promise. he said it again, about how he could see a beautiful life. it made me smile. even with very little we had. If I could move the world, I would. Without effort. last year at this time, i wanted change and it did brew. I am in a different place then than now. I am hopeful for the same next year. new joy. new battles. we wait with pleasure for our portion. like 2 baby birds perched in the tree. mouths open. eyes open. squawking. we wait for our portion. with pleasure. im a believer. i dont think i did anything wrong, it was all i could say.

Personal sanctuary I am in. a few minutes. not forgetting I am loved. you make me precious. no doubt in my mind. cultivate the flame. one day, we'll get to take a break. all week long. we want the same goal. we wait for our portion. with pleasure. hand in the glove. im glad i used the last of your ink. the new pen is much more pleasing. at least this new pen sang like a bird. i wasnt shy anymore.

For better or for worse

sometimes which is better? we all have battle scars, open wounds, full plates, closed ears. products of closed hearts. no time. most spread too thin. i feel exiled. i have Napoleon syndrome. and with this sin, i am unchecked. my downfall. thinking too good to bear it all. pride. my pickle. sour. didnt we almost have it all Whitney? HELL TO THE NO. just as i thought. when does the philanthropy begin? where is my humble pie? taken with my measurements. my darling deserves more than me, yet he longs to be with me. i do it on my own now. with very little left over. i work for free. my strength drawn from The Lord, My Father, My God. He is sovereign. and shows me grace daily. sometimes I am alone. then I know He is there. sometimes i doubt and dont know. My Lord, the One I serve and will teach my children to serve shows me I done need to know. He always restores my hope. When i feel empty, My Father fills my cup. He is relentless in provision. I am thankful.

the days are not long enough. these days are too short. i will keep trying. i believe in today. im glad we are on the same page. you accept my quiet beauty. you have an understanding heart. My God is with me. Our God is with us. Never failing. Always looking ahead.

In the crows nest. (always a Navy girl at heart.)

Cant you feel the waves? the salt on your lips?

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