Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dirty Laundry

the bane of my existence. A dog's head out of the window of a car. Sleeping a little bit longer. Avid in appearance. Wish I could do this at home. Wish for luxury. You can do anything with money. I wont lie. I love weimaraners and greyhounds. I like it when B calls. Single rainbow, just enough. Vain is only a word. I'm driving in circles. I'm not on a clear route, because I would know my destination. I want to feel better. I want out of here. I am always waiting and physically alone. Why cant it be done? Can I ask, and ask? Wait and wait? Will you show it? I am passionate about living and not feeling dead. If I were a ghost, this would be the time of my life. This is difficult. All this time apart.

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