Friday, April 3, 2009

Born Again Pessimist

Isn't that what I wrote in your yearbook? I so miss yearbook day, it's almost like it's today.
I also picked up a old rusty can, found a beetle in it, and threw it down.

Savoy Truffle? Wishlist. Both songs have penetrated me, I just have to sit and listen.

Never say never. You end up married to man with a hornet tattoed on his neck.
Bad judgement? Blinded?

Maybe you just gave up? You just caught me making hot chocolate and adding extra marshmallows. I thought you needed an extra dose of comfort.

Daddy took my car today. To be fixed. Apparently driving it like hell is a bad idea.
My Daddy loves to inspect my car. He takes care of me, even when I am in a rotten place.
My Daddy, let me use his truck today, which is even more hilarious.
But, it's awesome. It smells like coffee, and wood chips. Like my Daddy.

Do you ever wonder how you managed to find yourself in a realationship of convenience?
Easy breezy, I may not be directly talking to you.


Manufactured into what you deem as love?

Discouraged, because of unforeseen circumstances? Sometimes, you can see trouble coming straight at you. Rumbling, a thousand miles a minute. It's ok. Hold fast.

Too young to endure?

It makes me think of a bull my papaw had growing up.
Gentle as a lamb. I may have been 6?
I was a charmer. This bull let me ride it like a horse.
When it heard the screen door slam, he would come to the fence row.

We could get nose to nose.

There I was, peddling as fast as possible on my bike, looking back, barefoot. The peddles digging into my feet, making groves on my skin. I couldn't stop!!! I tried. I tried to stop right there.
I didn't. I went flying. Over the handlebars, head over feet.

When I landed on the ground, I looked at my palms. They were bleeding. My knees? Scraped up pretty badly.

Remember barefoot? Ankle bones sliced open.

Like the time I pushed my sister through the screen door?

When my Daddy had gotten a new door, the edges were super sharp, so I went runnin' out the door, it was heavier too, so it slammed on the back of my heels.

Great googley moogley.

It slashed the backs of my heels.

I fell on the carpet screaming my fool head off. Mama scooped me up, and washed my cuts. I squalled.

Did your Mama ever use Bactine on you?

It burned. And had that smell.

Those scrapes sting.

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