Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Optimism is a Lady - So Watch Your Back!

You may not be ready. In fact, I know you're not. That's cool, I'm taking mental inventory of everything around me. Honey, Optimism is back, and she just applied her red lipstick.

I'm just gonna roll with this, so however you take it, take it like a man.

This morning as I took out my coke can rollers, eyes swollen from pollen, and just needing a few more minutes in the sack..... I thought "Hey, Pretty Girl".... "What's your f***in' plan?"

Well, I'm gonna get off my ass, and pursue what I want. I'm gonna go beyond my list of "to-do's."

So, I fluttered outside, cut some iris growing in my backyard, they are a sweet shade of lilac. I love them, they make me think of my mamaw. Man, they make me smile. And not a bullshit smile either, I mean, a genuine smile.

Dogs, Haircuts, Pilate's. Wednesday.

My super secret ninja plan?

It's gonna be straight out of "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

Mr. Eastwood is jumping out of me and right on your face. Cause I'm doing something about it.

Yeah, sugar lured me right back in, but apparently, it's time for a garage sale, and Mama's gonna make some bucks off denying that WANT. Cause that's all it is. A want.
A human, fleshy, WANT.

And, that just ain't me.

From this point, anything I deem "unhealthy'' is out the door. I have written several eviction notices for certain feelings, foods, and vices.

Did you notice? The eyes in that beast? Driven.

On the cusp of a full body, multiple orgasm.

Surely, you can relate to that feeling. Sheets wet, son. Wet.
I've been on the verge of said earth shattering orgasm, and today, Oh man, I'm having it.

With that said, I'm drinking as much water as I can hold to rehydrate my system.
After a release like that, your system needs more.

So get off, or get out.

I'm on top from now on.

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