Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lead With Your Mouth

Er, today has been eventful. First of all, it's windy. I love windy weather. So Winnie The Pooh. The boys and I slept until 6ish, poured their food into their bowls, and they devoured quickly.... scampering back to bed, I didn't feel as agitated as I normally do on a day off to be up. My boys are, creatures of habit. They know when they eat. I pulled Champ up to my chin, threw my arm around my boy, and we went back to sleep. Around 8:30, we started to wake up. I received a text from Angie that was absolute the light of my life. Flipping on the coffee maker, I get ready to take the crew out. I see a car. Not one car. Two cars. In my neck of the woods. By the way, I am wearing less than flattering attire to be seen in. Tiny cropped leggings, old galoshes, wife beater. Toboggan. I quickly shut the door. I wrangle the boys in their crates. I put on a bra, jeans, and tshirt.....scramble outside. One car, gone. Second car, vanished. I call Daddy of course, to put out a APB for the Piedmont area. It's Ernie. Huntin'. Awesome. The other person? A census dumaflotchie.

Well, two people live here. My girlfriend, Miranda, is still working at the slaughterhouse. Well, it's not a legal slaughterhouse, and Randy, that's what we call her for short, should be here soon....


Later in my morning, coffee incident. On the couch, under the couch. Madness. Dogs were beat. Ok, ok, dogs were kenneled.

Then, the Jehovah's Witness came to call. Serious.
I was kind to the lady, thanked her, and took her literature.

It's great to read everything, that way you have some kind of knowledge on whatever.

On to the store. Driving down the driveway. Crow. Flew up to the branch.
I had a shiver down my back.

Windy? Remember?

I sat in the car, finished listening to Dave Matthews that I barely caught, I smiled.

Opened my car door, flew right into the truck beside me. My heart sank. I was able to talk to the people. The man rubbed the red paint off his gold truck. He said, don't worry. I was relieved!!!

Can it get any better than this?

Funny, I am in a great mood. Relatively.

I got to thinking today. About my family. My girlfriends. Every ones burdens. It just haunts me. You know those commercials with the everyday people with capes on? Is that true?

I'm about to head downtown. I want to catch a movie. Nothing special, just want to be alone. I think. Barley's has 2 dollar pints.

So, I wonder, how much different is your reality from mine? Not a lick. All of us are bogged down. Did you know the Dandridge library is closed on Tuesday? Of course it is.

Too windy to go walking. Sensitive ears.

Stop. Hammertime.

Pete Higgs, once again, gave me an unbelievable haircut. The man helps me look bangin'.
You could send him a thank you card, and no, I don't think that would be awkward.

Scott Miller plays this Saturday, and it makes me lose my mind. He's my favorite.

Ok, I didn't go downtown. I went to the store, bought some beer. Those little 8oz. Pony beers? Miller Hi-Life? Perfect. Grabbed some nachos, and relaxed.
It wasn't dark just yet, so I put on my boots, stuffed my jeans in the sides, grabbed my camera, off to the woods. Ladybird was R-O-C-K-I-N!!!! She was captivated by my willingness to follow her. It was dusk-y. The sunset was amazing. The colors were purple, orange, and yellow.

I could see the zinc mines through the tree line. We crawled under fence rows, to get a better view of the sunset. Bugbites. Sat on rocks, I took pictures. I thought about nothing. It was nice.

The sun sank low, right over the horizon.

What about downtown? Well, there wasn't a movie playing I wanted to see. Texas Chainsaw Massacre played over the weekend. The original. That one scares me. I ended up having a better night to myself. At home. In the woods. The cats and I sat on a rock.

You didn't know I had cats? Well, they are feral cats. Feral barn cats. Until feeding time. Ok,ok, they're not really feral. They do hide out mostly. Low profile.

I like my dogs better than the cats..... I love the cats, don't get me wrong... but the kitties would eat me if I layed dead for a few days. Dogs? Will lay down and die for you. And mourn for you.

Tonight, between the eating of the nachos, and drinking of the beer, I had a thought. My friend had said, why do bad things happen to good people? (I smell good, btw.) She said, really good people, like you, (flattered) go through battles. I don't know why. I don't know why she thinks I'm such a good person. I mean, I try to be humble. I prefer it.

The song I sang in the woods? Shush girl, shush your lips. Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips. I said, shush girl, shush your lips, do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips.

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