Monday, April 6, 2009

You Can't Always Get What You Want/ I Can't Get No Satisfaction...

And other lessons learned from The Rolling Stones....

Party girl? Vibrator thing?

(This is an actual product.)
(It sells on the magic T.V. box)

Bored housewife?
Stressed at work?
Inadequate satisfaction with your partner?


Pics of this thing,
rubbing necks,

The only place missing?
Is where they really intend for you to use it.

The pie.

That's where they want you to use the thing.... (shriekey Kyle's Mom's voice)
Wh, wh, WHAT!!!????

Remember going down a hot slide when you were little?
The heat burned your leg and rear, I don't care, it's an awesome feeling to go down the slide!
Remember how good it felt?

How do you take off a t-shirt?
I usually pull form the back, right @ the neck line, pull it over my head.
Do you pull from the front?
Or cross your arms and pull from the sides?
How would I take off your t-shirt?..........

As I stood inside the room, and shut the door, safe. Inside my house.
Standing with my back to the front door. Breathless.
I stared. Up at the ceiling.
My eyes felt like velvet.
I walked in and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
I removed my mascara.
I thought about fake eyelashes. I'm just not that high maintenance.
But they are pretty.
My eyes blurry. Hard to focus.
I wanted to yell.
I took a drink of juice.
I watched all my emotions go down the drain.
Favorite smells swarm me.
My skin soft.

I inspect what I could be.

I mean, you could eat ice cream out the dips of my hips.......


The soap I use?
Is made from tomorrow.
Exfoliating to produce new skin, cleansing.
Isn't this a time I cherish?

(Wanna play hot and cold?)

Wrapped in my towel, Champ lays his head on my shoulder, as if to say I'm right here.

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