Sunday, December 6, 2009

All mixed up

This isn't your favorite 311 song so put down your bong and try to pay attention. We all know the deal I am a deep thinker. Its very difficult for me to carry on a conversation when I have something else on my mind. I become completely withdrawn and I cant hear a word you are saying to me. I absolutely don't mean to push you away. Its how I deal. Its how I come to life in a way. My shell is ridiculous. I see this more and more with B. That's cool. He seems to understand and take note of how I exist. He takes notes of this creature he seems to want to get to know so badly. I set up booby traps unknowingly and freak out. This has become the end of other budding realationships. Or so it seems. Some have no clue how to absorb my personality. They become frustrated with the way I process every movement or possibility. I feel like a rainbow. Beautiful and fleeting. Isn't that how every woman should feel?

Any hooter. Tiger and his buyout bride. What a whore she is turning out to be. I would rather go out in a ball in fucking flames than to be BOUGHT OUT. He wins. The end.

How worthless you have to be to accept your partner cheating. Just so he can continue to "save face." Whore. Both of 'em.

Anyway. Think twice about picking other obsessions over your family and spouse. Save face. Pick them over a game. Pick them over your buddy. This is life. Learn to deal with it.

Love ya.

It's always worth starting from scratch than cheapening your soul. Please keep your 5 million and wipe your ass with it.

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