Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's neither here nor there but I need to get on track.

Ya know, get IT together.

Here's my whiny shit. I need to be adventuring. In forests, in the middle of the day, unaware of night time or panthers about to attack my pitiful flesh. I'm ransacked here people. I miss you. And you too. Thank God for changes. Makes me break into David Bowie. Ch, Ch, Ch, CHANGES!!!! Great song. Great Bowie. I effing love Bowie. He is the sugar in my tea. Gracious.

Great balls of fire. B and I need some changes. I think he could survive on the fact he doesn't know what I might do next. He digs that about me. I dig that about him in return. We as people need change. We crave change. We demand change. We habitually change things ALL the time. On our own. Then we may bitch about said changes. Or the change we wanted just didn't come about. I get it. I take notes about that shit. I adore you even more for these bites.

I toot alot about B.....I think this is a great thing. When you hear over and over about good things, we begin to believe them. These statements turn into our truths. I love them truths. I love to love him baby.

Dreams. Are everywhere. Champ and I have been sleeping toe to nose as usual and I think he had second thoughts about me over the weekend. He slept some on the couch. I climbed on the couch to cuddle like an infant and her favorite doll. It almost made him smile.

Enough bitching. Going SOMEWHERE today. Creating SOMETHING today. With knee socks on.

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