Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blackberry Patch

Wading through.

Let's start with the dream I had. I had a dream I was living with a man (a good-looking man, at that), we had bought a house together, this monster of a 2 story, filled to the brim with clothes, and junk. Of course, in this dream, we were able to buy this house for a dollar. Yep. A dollar.

We had everything in common and nothing at all. We taught each other things, and knew it all at the same time.

It seemed to be beautiful.

Except, the man caught me off gaurd, and said " Paula, do you realize we have been dating 8 months and we have not had sex? " Well, It hadn't dawned on me. Then, he said " You're always runnin around with those boys...."


That was the end of the dream.

" Ain't no lovin' like the love I got. "

At this point, making love would be evil, having sex would be my demise, fucking, would be out of the question, being pounded to the point I am making my grocery list in my head, would be laughable. Just sayin'.

It makes me think, it may be my Delilah to my Sampson.

It might be what makes the clock tick.

P.S. In this dream, I have seen what my book cover will look like.

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  1. I like it. I once dated a girl for two years and never had sex and barely missed it except when I did.