Monday, August 10, 2009


I saw someone today that ignored me, as much as I ignored them. What a great feeling when you don't have to play nicey-nice, when the bottom line is, we just do not like each other. We can be cordial, but that's it. I do not want to sit in their lap and play kissey-face, and they reciprocate the feeling. Thank God.

No questions of why do y'all not like each other? Y'all should talk. Nothing. I don't like them, and they don't like me.

That's mutual respect, honey.

I tell ya, being the token single girl feels like being the token black guy of a scary movie. Except I'm not dead yet. Yet. They ain't a man alive brave enough to try to kill me. Besides, I have a special list of my enemies..... who pray for their pitiful little lives. (fearing the strike!)

The point? Is I could have them killed in their sleep. Consider this your warning.

I am terrified that Michael Myers is on his way to kill me. Living in the woods and all the previews to the new film, make me pee my pants. They have him at like 9 ft. tall. I mean, I get it. Hes a scary bastard. I understand, HE MAY KILL ME.

Listen, Micheal Myers, you ain't foolin' this little chicken. You're a killer. You want to stab me, you want me dead. Catch me first, asshole.

I check my shower every night, when I come home, go to bed, and even when I get up. What a fucking bastard. I bet you hide by the water hose. Ass.

I did dream about you, which is even more disturbing. I dreamed I woke up, and you were sleeping like a FREAKING lamb in the bed beside me.

More bullshit.

More analyzing of "there may be a killer in your bed."
Go ahead, call Lifetime. I may have just used one of their movie titles.

Anyway, Michael Myers, you old patronizing son of a bitch.....


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