Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fruits of the Spirit

Service Gifts

Ehortation (encouraging others)

1 Corinthians 12:12 (I made a wish)
The body is a unit, through it is made of many parts, and through all it's parts are many,
they form one body.

Fruits of the Spirit (Walking in the Spirit)
Long Suffering
Self Control

1 Corinthians 12:1
Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant.

Take time through the week and pray about each one. This is encouraged by my Pastor. He is elemental to MY service.

Church, has been hard for me as you all know. I haven't been going. A time in my life when I swore, I would never ignore again. Satan, follows us all. Even to church. Which is why I felt like I was having a panic attack this morning. It wasn't panic. It was evil keeping me away from serving God. Satan has a powerful hold on me, and He is everywhere. I am encouraged that I went to church today. How is something I love so much so hard for me to go to? Doesn't make sense does it? I suppose is it easy to feed into our fears. Its easier not to face shame, fear, or embarrassment.......

Embarrassment is a big one. That gal, I have had to face quite a bit. I'm still standing. The blood in my veins, is still rushing wildly like a bunny rabbit clipping though a field.

There have been moments, I prayed about things, for weeks on end. Felt the discretion, Amazed at God's hand, and still failed. It just wasn't His plan. See, we can pray for the things we want, but it may not be HIS perfect will.

It can be necessary to face what is difficult.

I ask God brave questions folks. I demand answers. I have experienced such deep, emotional stab wounds, it puts the coals even more on my feet. To continue.

To do things, that are hard. I don't know why God calls us to face tragedy, hard times, doubt, fear, worry, heartache. I cant fathom why we have to face difficulty in changing jobs, or moving to a new area.
I don't know.

At times, I am thankful for my ignorance of God's plan.

I told Terry in the truck, "There's all this change coming. Your son will be born, and everything will be different again." Change, is expected. Josh, was given a new job, he may or may not enjoy it, it is a change that has been almost traumatic. Change, jarrs our little perspectives. Angie and Steve are having their second child, again, things are changing. Kelly, is searching for new employment, and who can blame her?

Please count your blessings for these changes.

Blessings are coming. And apparently, I'm your coach.

I ask God very angry questions. Accusing questions. Begging questions. Go still loves me, and understands me. God knows my burdens, and I always think of him in the garden, asking our Lord to take the cup. Let it pass. As we all know, our Savior Jesus Christ, faces his opposition.

So, I am encouraged today. I still cried in church. I guess, I'm just always that moved.

Terry and I were walking last night, and he shared some thoughts with me that are still in my head. He helps me not be so ignorant. I realize, there are views on God and life that I do not see.

I'm writing a ton. Just not sharing as much.
I'm evolving.


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  1. I love it when my crazy notions can help someone with anything.