Saturday, August 22, 2009

Suffer for your art!!!

I love that statement!!! It's a suffrage that is worth it!! I love it like a ferocious lion!!! When I am not supposed to, I am thinking about it. Always!!! That's when you know you have a burning passion for something. It consumes you. You dream of it. You pray about it. You feel it on your skin. It's the butter on your biscuit. It's all yours. No one loves your art, the way you love your art. It's magic.

Inglorious Bastards? Brilliant. Leaving it at that. Believe me, I could say, much much more.

Pressed for time though.

Looking for reprieve, and it must be over that hill.

The color in her dress was sublime.

Soundtrack included BOWIE. OMG.

P.S. Blood, Sweat, and Camouflage.

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