Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She Speaks!

All this time, I have been complaining God isn't speaking to me, or doing anything for me. Well, I heard a clip of a sermon the other day about how I (we) may not be able to go to the next step because, I (we) are not fulfilling God's present will in our lives right now!!! I feel like a big dummy. It's the truth, at least for me. What is my focus? The farm, (obsessed) my family, self, and dogs.

The big reason, I do not have a significant other, well, God did come out of the heavens today, and He spoke directly to me. I already have too much too handle. I already am playing in "the big game." So to speak.

I am, Dennis the Menace, "Sure ain't nothin' to do when its rainin' out." (Thank you, Mr. Wise.)
Who knows? The fall is nippin' at my heels. The yellow jackets and wasps are in full force.
I am, getting things done.

At least I try........

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