Wednesday, September 23, 2009

11 Years old!!!

Yeah!!!! That's what I said! Haley will be 11 tomorrow. So sending her flowers to her school! I love that baby!!! Er, 11 year old.

If you were wondering, it's not lonely in my mind. Why I'm actually untangled. And remotely drama-free. It's coming you know. The cold. Which I am terrified of, and obsessed with bringing it up. I love you too. Not that I want to leave. It's just that I need to visit. ELSEWHERE. But, not away from my sweet Champ. Whoops. Too bad he isn't travel friendly. Through no fault of his own. Like I have been warning you, and telling you, and holding the pendulum in your face to try like hell to hypnotize you....... Change is here. Still on it's way. Without a doubt there have been times I have been waiting with my arms crossed. Or waving my arms frantically so conjure up some movement. Have I been worn down? Hell to the no. (Thank you Whitney)

I'm still busy. And still relentless. And, hopeful. Yep, you read correctly, I am hopeful. With no other reason than just I feel it in my belly. I am hopeful. I would love to maintain this feeling. It's beautiful. And perfect.

But, on the other hand..... I am HUNGRY! Hungry for all new things, hungry for more optimism, and also still too proud to know when I need help. (my fault)

It's going to be okay. Tell yourself this. And, remind me. Please.

I love you. Did you know that? Crazy. I thought you should know.

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