Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm just as shocked

Not really, cause I just dont play that. Lots to cover. Lots in my head. Praying. All the time right now. Some may call it obsessive, but I leave all that kind of behavior and energy to Jeff Lewis. We all get fixated. Right? Well. Dont look at me so wide eyed and bushy tailed. Thanks to Angie, I am mesmerized by Jeff. And his lips. And his dog kennels in the closet. I, am in love. I mean, I want to have his uber tall, big lipped babies.

But he wont like them. (Angie, you may be the only one who will get that reference.)

Oh my gosh. If you are not watching Flipping Out on Bravo, you might as well kill yourself now. Hes my new role model. My go to. My Cherie amore. Wow. Bold statement. I cant help it. His magic is so wonderful, it makes me giddy. And, ready to grab my prison shank.

Listen, I would just wave at Jeff. (Like I wave at cows.) Thats so what I do when I really like something. (Usually inanimate objects, but we all have to make sacrifices, right?)

I would run wild with Zoila, (his housekeeper) and we would consult with Angie how to make the most efficient prank calls. (Shes a genius.)

I just cant take it.

So what's so bad, about feelin' good? Nothing as far as Ben Lee and I are concerned. I dig his lyrics. I woke up pretty raw dog today. I woke up late, had to leave the house early, it was still dark!!! The past few days I have been the biggest scardy cat. I cant even watch CSI Miami. Everything is shaking me up. Last night didnt help. I was on the phone, (shocker) pattin' my foot on the floor, which made Tiger insane. He starts barking, and growling. Basically, I start getting scared. Then, out of nowhere, Champ jumps off the couch, gallops into the kitchen, and starts barking. I remind Champ, that he is deaf, and to stop feeding off the paranoia that Tiger has created. But he doesnt stop. Which scares me more. At that point, I had gotten off the phone. then I decide Champ has to pee. (Cause he shot me pee pee eyes.) Of course, I called Bryan, phone in hand Champs lead on my arm, gun on my shoulder, I take them out. No one is out there, but champ almost takes my head off when he decides to chase the cat. Bull shit. Bryan, of course, offered to come up, I told him no. He offered to call his dad, to call my dad, then offered to call Brian Woods down the road. No, no, no. Im fine. Er, I will be. and, I was. Fine. that is. Still am.

Well, this is where I remind us all. Its important to adopt an attitude. Especially when you stand out so much. Susceptible to attack. Im absolutely an equivalent to Moby Dick. I have to be aggressive. Assert myself. Im just that tough. and animated.

Back to Champ, he is busy on a nightly basis, staying effectively busy with the couch afghan. He has a firm belief the thing will learn its lesson and help the thing meet its demise, if he has anything to do with it. (Lord willing, Champ would like to add.)

See ya in the funny papers. And, oh yeah, I still miss you!

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