Friday, September 4, 2009

Peter Out

Okay. I realize I am in sea of comedians. The lot of you are snickering @ the title. It has to be spoken this morning though. I am wore out. My eyes are puffy, I am waving my tiny, white flag.

But wait. What do I see? There's a toe still wigglin'. There's still some fight in the old girl just yet. Fake eyelash, hanging by a moment though. Funny, I don't feel very Vegas Showgirl right now.

Where did this huge headpiece come from? I get it. I wear different hats. Apparently, I need to put on my best foot forward. I like her. The Showgirl inside me. She's a cutie. She wants to Rock n' Roll all night, and party every day.

Cut the umbilical cord. It's time.

I'm glad today. I'm glad that God loves me no matter what shape I am in. Even in my most ornery mood, he still loves me. Wants to shape me, guide me. Even carry me. And, that makes me glad. It satisfies me today. Even when I am @ my worst, he still loves me. That blows me away. Love is a funny thing. I am thankful God isn't persnickety about us as humans. You know, in our realtionships, we push people away, in hope of drawing them closer to us. It's like watching a scary movie with your hands in front of your face, catching glimpses through open fingers. Silly penguin.

I want cowboy boots. I want this t-shirt with a deer w/cherry blossom antlers. I want some flashy sunglasses. Red lipstick. A garter belt. I want these pillows shaped like a campfire, and the little birdy one too. I want a super secret lair, which no one can find me. I want to be a chameleon and blend in with the jungle. I want a raft to ride on to go down the Mississippi...... I wanna play in a creek, and collect (more) rocks...... Most of all, I want to howl at the moon, and crawl home drunk as a coondog...... (Get @ me.)

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