Thursday, September 17, 2009

Give it to me Babe....

I feel wild as hell today. I'm not really sure why, but I do. There's not alot going on. I am mostly behaving. Obeying rules. But raising hell and plotting crazy ROCK N ROLL shows in my head. Sue has mentioned we need to come up with a title for my birthday weekend/week. Understood. Taking all suggestions. Mainly sticking to Miss PLN is finding a sugar daddy to help with purchasing a red hooded cape for $4oo.00. Which, Sue has sent me a link (may links) to remind me how poor I am, but need to be clothed in fabulousness. Too long, you think?

Dreams. Many. Starting Saturday with scary kidnapping dream. Tuesday night. Surreal dream of being in a car accident, but in the dream, I am with a dude, and he starts asking me "If it would be so bad?" I said "What?" He said "To wreck your car, it wouldn't be so bad." I said, "I guess not." He told me to " Let go." So I did. We were fine, looking over a cliff, my car laying there all mangled and shit. But dude and I are at the top of the cliff, and he asks "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

I responded with, "No, it wasn't bad, at all."

Crazy huh?

Last nights dream was, well, a naughty dream about a man. And that is all I am telling you.

Acting up on occasion is a good thing. I have been as of late, and I like it!!! Going more with my gut and really listening to myself, and actually being open....... has been healthy for me. The possibilities are showing themselves more and more. It's satisfying, and not just the salad I had for lunch either. Cute and mismatched. Impeccably human. I am in love with all of those ideas, and the promise of things always evolving. Thankful. For you. More than anything.

Champ update: His little baby face is looking much better. The antibiotics, have helped him so much in such a short period of time, I know, he's going to be just fine. And, that little baby, sits there and allows me! Me! To wash his face, even though it hurts him.

I understand Mother's Guilt.

Daddy update!!!! Daddy had to have day surgery last Friday, but is doing well. He's driving!!! I mean, raising hell in Piedmont. Mrs. Denton sits on her porch and shakes her head..... "Oh, that Kenny Paul....." Still driving Mama bananas, but I really think she loves it. It may be her guilty pleasure. At least from what I can see.

That's it. Call me!

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