Monday, September 28, 2009

Fox Hunt

I am not just trying, I am succeeding. Somehow, by God's infinite mercy. He allows me to succeed. On the daily. Just as He helps you. I am positive of this statement, even if you feel unaware. Sowing good seeds have been difficult. I harbor a lot of pain and resentment. Even though I believe it gets better on the daily, I am still struggling. At least I am trying to recognize my shortcomings, and I do work on them. Fervently.

I will stand firm. On my principles, belief system, core values, and overall everyday emotion. God created me with a passionate spirit. I feel it's important to pursue all fires burning in my heart, with said passion.

And you should be terrified. You should. It's going to be okay, but don't say I haven't given fair warning.

Overall - I continue with my short, but encouraging prayer. Dear Lord, Just don't let me wait too long!

Accept responsibility - then react. Take avenues necessary for healing. Do the hard things, it allows the easy tasks to show up. Do them gladly.

On the lighter side? I am wearing "skinny pants." They are not cutting into my thighs like normal, and this puts a smile on my face. Even though I am suspicious. BC, my underthings feel like an over extended rubber band, and if I move too much, they may pop. Turns out - I am wearing too small underthings bought during an emergency hour of my life. Therefore, too small.

And yes, it is a margin irritating.

It's going to be okay. Alright? So stop holding your breath. I still love you.

P.S. Champ fell off the bed last night. He's fine. It was kinda funny.

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