Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consider this!

When did life get in the way of doing the right thing?

When did we get to the point where we just "give up?" I get a kick out of feeling just fine when other's bark at me. For me just being me. We all need honesty. We all pretty much cling to it. Whe did it get to be so tough to see the truth? What ever happened to pure generosity? Those who are religious will especially identify with this. As a Christian, I have been taught to give and not receive anything back. Can I get a holler back?

OMG. I am in the middle of a raw dog panic attack. I just realized how close Thanksgiving is.

I, am a raging crazy crow. Picking eyes, picking pockets, and taking prisoners.

Starting today, I have to accomplish these measly things in order to be some kind of somebody.

Making it through for one. Meet my folks I am dog sitting for next week. Go to the grocery store and maybe buy a little more than just what will get me through tomorrow. I just don't really do well when it comes to planning. I pretend. I try. I generally am falling on my face. Good thing I do well by flying by the seat of my pants. Right? This lands me to get home maybe around 7:30-8:00 PM. Have I mentioned I really need to be home earlier? The dogs need to be fed, the stepbrothers will threaten to eat my face, and tomorrow is my long day. Tomorrow is supposed to be my long day? What??!!! Not today? Oh shucks. Gonna survive.

Meeting Pastor Bob and Sister Amy Thursday night. If our schedules can mesh. Oh, and workout. Yep. Gonna workout. Very sore from hiking yesterday. 2 little blisters on my heels. I still think I wore the wrong socks. My boo boo. Witnessed bear crap yesterday. Man, I love bears, but I don't ever want to meet up with them. If the weather still cooperates and it stays mild I think B and I are going to try to go camping. I dig that he likes to do things like that with me. He's a sponge. I dig that too. I'm just happy. In light of Tuesday's post, some of you doubt this. The fact of the matter is, I am still angry. I hate it. I hate that this defines me sometimes, because it shouldn't. Tuesday's post did show that I allow this to reflect. I will continue to try harder and be confident in this regard.

I have confirmation. I am to make the turkey this year. Mom is to make gravy and dressing. Rachel is to make whatever I cannot find the time to make. Rachel and I try like hell to take pressure off Mama every year, and somehow it always falls on to her. Because she DEATH ROLLS Rachel and I into submission. It's bullshit. I call her on it. Mama will agree and smile like a Cheshire cat, and of course, she wants to be taken care of. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also wants to be in charge, and if you don't know this rule, the one cooking is the one in charge. She is BRUTAL in her care taking abilities. Just thinking about this causes me to shudder. Hug your caretaker today. They probably NEEEEEEEEEEEED it. Seriously.

I love charming Mama. It's a craft. And, she's already on to me. The game is tough with her. Mama's are the 8th World Wonder if you ask me. At least mine is.

Charming Mama is like charming Cobra's in India. Have you ever seen that? They play the music, the snakes kind of fall into a trance and these men kiss them on their head. I have my own version of this with Champ....... at least his "kisses" aren't deadly. Back to Mama, she's sick. Some kind of virus. This is where I come in. My night will be MUCH later cause I must go see my caretaker and make over her, cause she's super important. Plus, taking some heat off Daddy won't hurt me either. She shoots, she SCORES!!!!

I have Johnny Ryall in my head. One of the best Beastie Boys songs!

He's better off drinkin' than smokin' the rocks......

Ain't we all honey.

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