Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give a little, then take it back....

This blog post isn't about shortcomings. It's about incomings. (That was not a real word, so I made it up.) All of this and more is freakishly on it's way. I am crazy about Hansel and Gretel. I adore all fairy tales. There are many things coming into fruition for me. As wild as it is, I have white knuckles. Holding on for one. Excited for two. I think I keep digging my heels into Vintage anything, the better. I hold the faith I am going to just wear fancy red lipstick any day now. Every day. And not just inside my bathroom. Maybe show you the ridiculous shots of myself in said red lipstick. The woman that hides in me is done all the way up and wearing something incredulously funky and out of place. This is me, and I am rockin' it.

I keep reliving the time in the antique shop jamming to funk trying on hat's with Sue. It was like a time warp. For just a second, I felt as if this is all that mattered. And it did. Until we whisked ourselves back into reality. Moments of that nature make me miss Terry so much. We had quite a few precious moments. I hope he feels the same way. One of my best friends. Did you know his baby can read?

I really need new tights. This is my mood.

New favorite quote?

That's what's wrong with you.

You should be kissed and often.

And by someone who knows how.

Rhett Butler

Well God Bless America kiddos. That makes me feel downright Patriotic. It also sends a shiver down me spine! Things are falling into place in such an unexpected way I cannot keep up. I am dually blessed. The next 2 weeks will be so full, but I am certain I can make it. I just have to keep my chin up, and middle fingers wavin'. If haters want to hate, then I'm just gonna churn out more.

Have I mentioned how NANNERS the dogs are? Ladybird finally got her treat taken away from her. She was digging in the trash!!! I know, right? I was shocked. She usually has this pleased look on her face like "Lookee Mama! This is what I made for you! She downright grins. Her new favorite thing? Hiding in the piles of leaves I have raked in the yard. She burros deep in 'em, and when you holler for her, she only pokes up her little head. Very Snoopy-ish. It makes me laugh.

Champ. Well, Champ is Champ. His ears are better. I rocked him to sleep in the rocking chair last night. I'm so spoiled........... Rememeber, the cobra.....

Tiger is doing incredibly well. Stealing socks. Hiding in the bathtub. Writing letters to inmates. Whatever will keep his nose clean.

I do have a midnight confession. Somehow, Daddy's pick/ax thing got broken, SOMEHOW. He asked me where it is, and I played like a wide eyed doe. Shocking huh? I don't know which is worse. Not telling and knowing, or spilling my guts to him. He's just so doggone sensitive about shit. Do I just run to the Co-op and buy one, all shiny for Christmas? I guess we'll see.

OOps. Oops. OOOOOOOOOOOps. I mentioned the C-word. It isn't Thanksgiving yet. Here I am, dishing it out when I have been complaining about it. IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT.

Please keep me in your thoughts somewhere, I'm struggling until tomorrow. I'm going to read a little Bukowski today. I really think that will help my creative juices. I have some time to myself, so I'm gonna journal. Like a mad woman.

If you need me, I'm somewhere between the piles of leaves and a Ladybird.

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