Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweep it out!!!!!

Hello my friends!!!

No sleep for me last night. I was very anxious and kept the lamp on. Strange currencies. At least I believe so. I kind of feel like an awesome 60's Do-Wop song mixed in with some early R.E.M. - I fully expected to feel this way. It's the feeling I have been waiting on. My movie is starting to pick up again, no longer in the sleepy parts. Not that any of my endeavors have been sleepy since the Summertime mind you, but the wheels are rolling to a more personal destination. I'm glad. It makes me smile. The book I almost laid down, the story line I had told myself wasn't so intriguing, turns out a sentence made me want to read more. One word possibly.

I am in the middle of String Theory, wrapped up in a soft cashmere blanket in my English cottage. You remember this place I had painted, right?

Minus the Robert Pattison hair, and honestly having somewhat of a Tyler Durden attitude, is here. Except, He loves to ski. I despise snow and all cold weather. He is checking the schedules for ski resorts as I type. Pulling up my wool knee socks up to oblivion. Who knew, right?

I am in celebration mode.

Back to other areas of String Theory :

During a family planning conference on the other side of the world, there were two people connecting and basking in revelry of what is coming in the near future.......

I overheard a conversation from a researcher from Ghana that presented testimony about

tribal issues that had in part gleaned through interviews with dead ancestors.

He said that spirit mediums had acted as his "translators."

When he was met with skepticism from colleagues, he was defensive.

"If only I had heard form the living,"

he explained,

" I wouldn't get a very good balance."

What a smart perspective.

One I hope I embrace and adopt right now.

To make the wisest decisions and take the most righteous action,

draw inspiration from what has passed away as much as from what's

alive and in your face.

What a blessing, and how intimidating at the same time. I have discovered a new word today. Plush. Yowtch! What a luxurious word. It feels great, you know? It feels great to let go. Of old feelings, habits, and clothes. It's funny how I have put such sentiment on "things." How embarrassing, huh? I am looking forward into this era of my lifetime. I am blossoming into this fabulous 30 year old woman. It's hard to say those words. Why? Because! I see myself as a young girl. I would imagine this is something that I will share all my life. I am making things happen, Angels. At least it feels that way. It doesn't hurt as much as it used to. It's a little easier to shine and not feel "freak show." Not that there's anything wrong with it. We all have facets that catch the sun, catch an eye. All of us are adored by someone out there. We just have to allow them to.

It's 10 AM.

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