Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Are you down?

Here's the deal Bill. I'm not pointing fingers, and I ain't mad at anybody, but things are going well for me. As where you may or may not be progressing in your own life, I am fast forwarding mine, and to get a little Judy Garland on your ass, add a martini and I believe I am ready to go. Life for me has been dramatically different. Even though I live in a little country house, I am educated in wine, art, and just all the bull shit you may or may have not been to college to have the opportunity to learn. Also, I am not reliant on the Internet to understand, cultivate or progress my education. I got in the trenches. I LIVE and LEARN. Never forget I am a self made genius. This, again, may or may not be a burr in your saddle. You, my friend, may feel this way toward let's say, an in-law family member. This individual who had said something hateful and distasteful about a dream of yours and made you feel insignificant, they are insecure and unsure of the path they are on.

With that said, as B and I pulled into Louie's yesterday, my completion or lack of completion to continue my education has not made or broken me, so please don't allow this poison in your heart any further. Do not eat the apple, do not pass go, and for goodness sakes, you are loved and highly regarded. Please do not forget this.

Back to my conversation with B, we both know individuals who are highly educated, schooled, if you will. BUT are lacking. Lacking in judgement, funds, and accountability. We also know folks who have not attended college who are successful in said careers, we know folks who are greatly successful in their career endeavors have not ever paid one Government loan, or sat through an agonizing lecture on the price of tea in China. Follow?

See where I am?

I am not looking for any validation here. I am only telling you who I am and who I have become.

Unapologetic, and tired of being made to feel a little less because I have not gotten where you might be. I get to be someone else. I get to recieve a new life.This includes, but not limited to: THE BORDERS OF YOUR IMAGINATION. Then, just a bit farther.

I will stop playing gypsy and trying to tell the future. You have no interest in it, and I will not discuss it anymore. It's apparently extremely boring to you, and hell, you might be jealous.

I just know my life isn't stagnant anymore.

Please don't blame my period. This isn't hormones. This blog post is a result of hurt feelings, and my true emotion. In the words of the beautiful Bonnie Raitt ---- Don't patronize.....

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