Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking at you through eyelashes.....

I'm all lovey-dovey, and love-birdy like. Hmm? The honeymoon could be over at any time? True my sweet little parakeet, but it isn't. I have my heels into this horsey and been whisked away. Spurs on! I'm working like the bee keeper to protect every living creature inside the hives. Squirting steam, with my little teapot/coffee brewing thingamabob. Sounding eerily like The Little Mermaid? Nah. That is my exact mood. Come what may. Sweep me off my feet. Grandiose Adventure land. This is not a paid advertisement. I am way too behind for that brand of tomfoolery.

Wow. My mood! Still very eclectic, rich woman miser. Yeah. Oh yeah, add Glamour puss to the end of that statement. I feel bold today. What a great emotion!!! Except, it could be a product of the Bendryl/Coffee cocktail action I have had. Who knows?

My Top Jams

1. Hurt So Good - John Cougar Mellancamp
2. Dirty Girl - Bobby Light
3. Pirates - Norah Jones
4. My Heart - Rod Stewart

I need to start this out with discussing ice cream. Vanilla Ice Cream. Look, I like anything teeming with sugar and especially anything that makes me crazy and insane, and guilty. Like alcohol. Wait, I'm going to get back on track here. Vanilla ice cream is not the flavor I would pick. Imagine me at the grocery store stalking the ice cream isle. Wearing: Beater, knee socks, cardigan sweater, little skirt, (blue jean, more than likely.) and Chucks. I really like chocolate. I love chocolate ice cream with brownie, marshmallow, nuts, swirls of caramel, I love chocolate ice cream. Any way I can get it.

Until one day, I spotted Vanilla. Waiting. Looking. Kind disposition. I started out with small containers of vanilla. Like, once a week. then, I started to notice the sprinkles on Vanilla. Tasty. This isn't so bad....... So I started talking about Vanilla, encouraged to try what I thought I didn't like. I'm just that childish apparently. Then, I tasted the chocolate syrup on the vanilla ice cream, along with the sprinkles. Yummy. Vanilla makes me smile. It's crazy to think......

I started thinking about Vanilla more than I thought about Chocolate. How cool! I still didn't get it though............ I saw the whipped cream next to the Vanilla, so I added and discovered, Vanilla "could" meet some of my needs!!!! Yay!!!! Who needs Chocolate anyway?

This is the best part! I discovered Vanilla Ice Cream had everything I wanted! Including a cherry on top!!! (I'm so Cowardly Lion, still)

My point? It turns out something you didn't believe you liked, COULD turn into something you love! That brings a grin to my face! Finally!

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