Friday, November 27, 2009

Love Hangover. Again.

Well, well, well. It's a must isn't it? To feel uber tired the day after a holiday? Yep. That's me. Oh wait. I got up at 4 am yesterday and didn't sit down until 1:00. THAT's why I feel like a limp washcloth today. I walked, fed, and catered to 25 dogs yesterday. I am not counting my own herd. Then I cooked a little. This apparently makes me a desirable person to be around. How fun. Big news. Big news. I am going to be off from January 1st through (ring a ding ding) January 3rd. Okay. It's not that long. But I think it's going to be enough time. A small rest. (fingers crossed)

The creative juices are slow. Last night though I was in this Alice in Wonderland trippy mood. I felt woozy from not being able to hold my head up. I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't sit up either. Of course I blamed it on my laziness of NOT shaving my legs. Listen, this is a very small effort and I should be able to sit my rear down in the shower and do so. AAAAARgh. I failed. Miserably. I wrote down a variety of ideas. Mostly on the ceiling. (Remember the affliction of being worn out?) Please forgive me, I'm zombish.

I couldn't bear to look at the computer screen. Look at me, so human and dignified. Blah. I'm flap jacky. CAPTAIN FLAP JACKY. So I may change my name. It's all happening right NOW. I read a sentence that I find myself in awe of. OVERUSE I LOVE YOU. If it annoys others, they need to talk on a hot line or speak with their therapist. I encourage this. Here I be. Half way home, half way to Dixie, and half way around the world. I'm a touch googleybird. I suspect you forgive me.

I essentially feel like throwing up from over eating, over exerting, over coffeeeeeeying. THAT's MY WORD. Don't make fun of it. I may marry that word. I might. Don't push me. I'm on the edge of unreasonable. I'm comfortable with this fact. Like I could do anything, conquer world hunger, or at least just get through my day. Look at me. I'm terrified. I'm imitating your favorite blanket right now too. All snuggly and shit. We could take a 15 minute nap on the couch with the sun busting through. You know, arm draped over eyes, socks on. TV low. Drool imminent.

We all know that has DISASTER written all over it.

I need to sell more lemonade and cookies. I need a little more funds. That's selfish, isn't it? I mean, I have enough money to pay my bills and even a jackpot of money to blow too. So what's there to moan about? Here's the deal Holifield. I want to buy a Pirate's ship. Yep. I need to sail away. Can't you hear it now? I'm also mad at skinny jeans. P.S. This is not an item you would catch me dead in. Dig? Dead. I hate you skinny jeans for false advertising. Forcing the undeserving and unsuspecting to make souls believe if you wear skinny jeans, it does NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU SKINNY. DIG? It's kinda like the Easter Bunny. Even though you believe, he's still not real. Shabooey. I'm WORE out. I cant spell. I am suffering. Like a smelly cat.

Here's my shout out to Pete today. I will be meeting you on December 3rd. We will be having haircut time then. My hair looks like a bad wig. You can even see the bobby pins holding it in place! Horrible. Pete, this is not a time to plan your vacation, to be on the phone, look at kitty cats, or focus on your "happy place." I need you to look at me, and of course.... cut MY HAIR DRY. I will only have 30 minutes to do this in, so make me proud. Take it like a man. I can't wait....... Can you?

BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS. That's what it's all about. Flashy gingham too?

Here's the plan Stan. Here I am writing away, it may be around 8ish? I think after reading above words I should be splashing around in the tub, you know how I turn into an alligator, poking eyes only out and can see myself in the mirror on the bathroom door. I sigh. Here. I have a new discovery. Bud Light Lime. Yeah. I know. Not really my digs either, but apparently, I love it. Try it. It's kind of like replacing your peanut butter with Nutella.... it's not the same, but it's sooo good too. (try it on toast.) You know me. trying new foods, especially new foods that may/may not be a wise choice. Somehow, I'm still loved through fire and rain. Mismatched socks and all.

Here I go to lay in said tub and look at my toes. Cheers!

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