Friday, November 6, 2009

Right where ya left me.


Alright. Full moon. Check. Mood swings. Check. Too much to do, double check. I can't check my Yahoo and it's making me nanners. One of the top searches this morning? Rue McClanahan. She's a beautiful woman. But, really? I have this huge list in my head that I have written down on different pieces of paper but I really need to put it on one. So I'm not forgetting or flipping out, or killing anyone. Er, or self. Tiger has already had a grand adventure of riding in the car, I have talked to 3 people, on the phone, driving a manual, drinking coffee and somehow not careening into any trees. Congratulations, Paula. Half of the battle has already been won. My pulse is very high today. Due to adrenaline and er, maybe, coffee. I am a naturally nervous little person by habit though. Have I mentioned I have ripped pants on? Yeah, it's only 9 AM.

Tell it to the judge.

I also need to buy those bumpits things. Ya know to make your hair big and all? I'm going through this 60's fetish thing at present while sashaying in the 50's in the shadows.......

I get to frolic in Georgia over the weekend, and I have/am/already lost it all over the place. Have I mentioned that I can't wait? I'm Captain Goober.

I had traumatic dreams last night, none of which I remember but, they shook me all night long. In a bad way.

My apologies for not having a better blog today, but I'm way out (remember) in left Field so I struggle. I love you! Have a great weekend!!!!

P.S. Monday morning. Terry and Ashley's baby boy will be born. Please keep them and the team of doctor's and nurse's that will bring their precious child to the world in your prayers!

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