Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is this it?

Not by a long shot, and I apologize for ripping off MJ's tour. My bad, but this is how it came out.
Priorities change, opinions change, winds change. I still feel left behind in our friendship. Even though, I knew how temporary it was going to be. You know, just so I could make it through the night? I think of you. Where you might be. If you look at the moon and think about how much I adore the lovely planet. I just wonder. I took a big risk. I took advantage of what did happen in the past. I did realize how badly I needed to let go of dead end streets. It is hard to find what you want in life, but one of the toughest things is to come to grips with is finding what is right for you and then discovering that it wasn't the picture of what you had in your mind.

A sobering happening man.

I still ain't fixed. Not by a long shot. On occasion, I feel quite a bit better. Then I become bombarded with full moons, PMS, and raging hormones that encourage me to want to shank anyone I come across. Again, on occasion, I feel better. Usually after chocolate.

It's when I feel undeserving that makes it a hard pill to take.

Then I slap the bitch in my head that utters doubt into my brain and train of thought.

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