Saturday, February 20, 2010

All along the watchtower....

Oh expendable income where are you? Er, Where for art thou? Uh, come on already. As usual I am up to NO GOOD on this Saturday morning. It is gorgeous, but nowhere near the 90 degrees for me to begin to be ultimately happy. Oh well. At least there is no snow near me. (Congrats!)

I had a dream last night that of course was on the scary side. I dreamed that someone accused my little Ladybird of biting them. It was some kind of weak revenge plan kind of thing. There I was though, all Dorothy like when the witchy lady accuses Toto of being evil and all that randy bullshit. I was all Aunty Em! Aunty Em!!! In said dream Ladybird was, well, being Ladybird. Tongue floppin' out. Smiling. Howling. The dream ended with me all wide eyed and saying: How could you hurt a face like that?

That was it. (Trouble)

I am sorely disappointed today and struggling to not hit that chilly iceberg of angry. I am constantly reminded of happenings and results. Blah. (oops, no more of that.) It's too pretty to be blah.

What does the day have in store for me? (Get ready)

I need to pooper scooper the yard. (Jealous, much?) BUT I get to wear my galoshes. (I love you, G.) I am going for a walk in the woods with Ladybird. (Taking this garden tool thing that cuts shit down) Checking out spot that may be the hiding place for a wild animal. (Danger, ranger....) Setting out MORE hay. (Yay) This will allow me to wear said galoshes a lot longer.) Hiding in barn like an owl. (More than likely.) Hanging out with B. (Toe to toe.) (In galoshes.) Madness and calamity to follow....... (Too much to tell, but will report.)

Wishin' I were paintin' the hallway......

I guess I feel like Quentin Tarintino in a western shirt. It's just natural. No one questions this when they experience their Own Private Idaho. (and if they do, this CANT be a good fit)When feeling as if the order of things goes against nature when along it perfectly fit in. Only because the right fit came along when you started dressing things up a little nicer. In my bungalow, my cottage, my little farmhouse, this is where I cope. (Recognize from yesterday?) If the money doesnt come as easily, I suppose all I can do is wait...... and demand more Lionel Richie.

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