Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog of the day 2#.

I will stop worrying. My eyebrow will stop twitching. One day I will grow up. One day everything wont be/seem such a pain in the ass. If you find optimistic Paula, (much like Optimistic Pizza) send her back my way. I will stop feeling so discouraged, it will get better, at least it bettah. I will stop putting the cart before the horse, and its really all just not that important. Blah.

Disguised carefully as a chicken even if my real identity is a flying monkey killing machine. Be a shark!!!! It was crazy, but I actually enjoyed Grey's anatomy last night. (We had been broken up for a while) I know it was a big one night stand.

I hate math. Especially subtraction. Blah. Again.

Im so gonna jam out to Lionel Richie all day because his songs are safe. Dont betray me now, Mr. Richie. The thing that keeps me afloat is the thing that keeps me drowned in a pit. I can have one, but it ultimately wrings my neck. Put me in the fryer pan. Have this, but none of that.

I have zero balance. Thats a total fact. Maybe one day I can learn.

My chest eventually stopped hurting, but I took a beating before feeling better. I take my freedom for granted and once again, I try to regain this precious commodity that longs to be held. I cant sacrifice any more, and I will not stop putting my faith into it either. I should have listened to my mom. Go tell her this, make her day.

Go Sunday!!!!!

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