Monday, February 1, 2010


I know. Im just as wore out as ever. Pickin' out from underneath the ice. I threw salt up and down the driveway and carried the 40 lb bucket. Which produced hurts for me. Shoulder hurts. Thats okay. Hot showers, ice packs, and B rubbing my shoulder with lotion. And A White Dog Staring US Down. We did take the boys out to the back field. Hell, we ran all the way to the back field. Tiger just raising immortal hell. Grinning. If a dog could grin ,then he does. He does. LBD was a good distance in front of us. Barking. Looking back. Encouraging us. She found a "fresh" bone from something dead. The bone was all see through and you could tell it was new to the world. Reborn if you will. We played. We played. We played. It was gorgeous. For a moment I didnt care if it did snow, that I did miss work, that it was gonna be alright. B had been in his bungalow since Wednesday. He said it felt like forever since he had seen me last. It had been. I mean, last Tuesday is forever, right? Of course I agree with a man who loves me. Its weird sometimes that he likes my moodiness, my silliness, my melancholyness.

We caught a beautiful picture of Mr. Kitty laying up in the barn loft. He was content. I was a little jealous. I forget to be content and satisfied with what the world is immediately offering me. I strain to smile at good moments. I ALMOST jumped into the big puddle of run off from the snow and ice melting off the barn. ALMOST.

We ate turkey sandwiches made with bean sprout bread. P.S. - B didnt enjoy his sandwich as I did. He ate it anyway. I believe in eating lots of veggies. Along with a lot of meat. I am a raging carnivore, I just have to have the veggies too. Even in the bread you ask? Yes, and my digestion thanks me.

I did do couch Pilate's this weekend, and if you want to know how, you will just have to order the DVD. No kidding. I only think of you on 2 occasions, thats day, and night......

Big White Dog Slept All Night Long.

I might be a bijiggity mess in all honesty. Oh well. Im taking it as it comes. You know, BABY STEPS. I so watched Groundhog Day this weekend and did make out with the TV. Can Bill Murray help hes such a handsome devil? No. No he cant. I have all these bijiggity thoughts of retirement. Huh? I know, no beuno. Im just gonna do it. Even if I cant touch the sob until im 90. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting it done. I can do it. I can. Just like couch Pilate's. Just like the workout ball. I said I would use them, do them, eat better, feel better about myself, and I AM!!!
All the way through it Conan was headed down the tubes. Or so we thought. His magic will not be hidden long. A little late to discuss Conan? Forgive me, my thoughts are thawing out.

Through the lies you were the truth. Celine Dion

I did read a great devotion this morning, which was my answer. It is by Dr. David Jeremiah

Entitled: Hearing His Voice

To him the door keeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. John 10:3

As you get to know your Shepherd, you will come to realize that when he call you, it is always worth obeying. When he says something, it is for your benefit. If He says, "Go this way," it's because He has green pastures and still waters for you. If He says, "Stop! Don't do that," it's because He's trying to protect you from potential danger, possibly something that is even life-threatening.

The fact that God speaks to us is clear throughout the passages of Scripture. To some, like Moses, God spoke audibly. To others, like the prophet Elijah, He spoke quietly on at least one occasion.

Often we look for the big events, the earthshaking circumstances in which God speaks. And many times He is speaking to us, but it is in a still, small voice. We should try turning off the television, the radio, and the telephone and just listen. With all the noises in our world, with all the information that bombards us, we can hear all those voices but miss the most important voice of all. Maybe one reason we don't hear Him is because we never stop to listen. We should heed the words of Psalm 46:10, which says, "Se still, and know that I am God."

Once we have heard the voice of God, we need to follow. Jesus said, "The sheep follow him, for they know his voice."(John 10:4). The word "follow" means to deliberately decide to comply with instruction. It is a deliberate choice for sheep to follow the Shepherd. We need to deliberately follow our Shepard, to do what He tells us to do.

When God Almighty speaks to you in that still, small voice, will you listen? Will you follow him?

This morning, I answer yes. Because I see/hear God speaking often. Last week, I saw a tiny fawn eating grass by the highway, I drove slowly past her, as if I were the only one to see her. She was close to danger, but somehow knew to stay out of the road. Then, sitting in the parking lot, I saw 2 doves in a cedar tree. They were beautiful. God was telling me to be still. To count my blessings. To not move. God's message to me that day also was: Even though you live alone, support yourself, and live in the middle of the woods, among danger, prey for attack, physical and spiritual, I have chosen you for your strength. Never being defining yourself as weak, but realize you are strong. Not everyone can bear my burdens, and it all feels clear today.

This morning I walked down the driveway, cleared off the car as much as I could and waited for the ice to melt, LBD had followed me to the road. Not only her, but Baby Love was right on my heels!!!! As easy as it would be not to have either of them, realizing I am taking care of more than my share, be it animals, God did the same to Moses. Not so much the critter reference, but the storm, the water, the waiting. I shooed LBD and Baby Love up the driveway. LDB sat. She sat. She waited. She knew I didnt want her in the road, and it was easy as pie to scare the cat back home. As much as I do have, I am learning more and more to be grateful.

LBD did cross the road, but she went under the road and through the drain pipe. She looked satisfied. As if to say, hey, it's alright to do things a different way!

Im taken care of, and so are you. Whether we know or not. I know many Elijah's, Ruth's, Esther's, Noah's, Moses', John's, Peter's, Noah's..... so on and so forth.
Usually at my 5 'o clock rendezvous with Champ and his bladder, once inside and back in bed, I always say the same prayer. Lord, keep me safe. I pray the same for you. Call me religious all you want, and dont call me late for supper either......
I love you.

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