Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Outlook

Now that I can focus on moving on, (hopefully) I hate what the weather does to my mind. I'm tired. I want to lay in bed. Or a bath full of bubble.s (sp. intentional, SN) not to be bothered. Even when The Beach Boys come on, I only smile for a second. It's troubling. It makes me wail Ray LaMontange. It does. I totally feel like that dog in the commercial. Twisting, turning in bed. Praying for a little uh, moonlight? That's right, cause with all the bad weather, I missed the last full moon. I'm bitter!!! So sue me. Wait, dont do that. I have less monetary value than a pair of used jellies.

Where to go? Unsure. I fight to feel hopeful. I fight to feel bright. I have worked out for the past 3 days in a row, and it makes me feel like a ninja fighter all around bad ass. SO I must keep it up. Lent is on its way, and of course, I encourage us all to find something to commit to. Its only for a few weeks!!! My thing, is giving up laziness and gorging myself on cookies. Yes, I realize the evil girl scout cookies are hot on my tracks. Just as long as I get them before the 16th, im fucking gold. Yeah, fucking gold biatches. I can have cookies on Sunday during Lent, take that self!!!!

Insert evil maniacal laugh here. Why? Cause we all need a good dose of feeling better somehow. I fought all morning not to give in to hateful thoughts. And like always, mind over matter, works.

Good luck to the rest of you. B is making chili for us tonight and I am going to bring him a surprise!!! It'll be all teenage lock in at church style. You know what you did at those things.

Im excited!!!

P.S. To the ones on the great sock hunting trail, Godspeed.

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