Monday, February 8, 2010

I could dream about you

I went into the kitchen to conjure up some magic. Cause ya know, Im short on that shit. Just like time, money, mimosas. Mostly short on mimosas. That is a disappointment.

Before I do another nose dive, I need to brush myself off. Have I mentioned the ratty weather coming? It seems perfect for devising plans, getting into mischief, and all around tomfoolery. Which includes, but not limited to talking B to drive over to the Holston River Bridge. Where the old flea market was? I have a feeling there is a great image there waiting to be captured. If only in my mind. It sounds like fun to me. Perfect for a day off.

Cant we take a break from bad news? Killer bees, killer moths. Killer legs. Bring 'em. If we did know the future we wouldnt open our silly little eyeballs in the morning. How optimistic.

I must return to my lot in life as the town crier, or otherwise known as "The Chief."

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