Monday, February 15, 2010

Clean Monday (It's Today!!!)

It's all the same, it's just a shame. That's all. (Phil Collins)
Ignore it all. Forget the outside world.
It would be easy if allowed. I do more than I want to.
Hand is forced to point of being fed up. If only it could force the vomit out.
Weak > Strong. Strong < Weak. It was done even if it didn't want to.
Stayed in bed and complained about what hasn't been worked for.

Take turns. Its someone else's turn to do what they wanted to do.
Whatever they made, they made on their own. The elastic is shot.

Face clean. The smudges now gone. After the phone calls.
sun out, sun in. Its all "Fiddler On The Roof. "

Yeah, going to India is a choice. To make. Uncomplicated formation of.
Imagination? Tied down to the ground. Literally. Pitiful.
Self and salvation. Fundamental. Just thought to take some time off.
Then forgotten.

Open to better books. Get better at it all.

The reason I cant dance? I cant follow the lead.
I don't. I fall. I trip.

The girl in me. Can it save me? (Listening to liars.)
How I acted all wrong. (Influenced by others.)
Never a chance to explain. The very captain of demise.
Could do more. Begin the endless.

One day the chance may present itself.
To do what to do. Or know. What to do.

Type in fervor by myself.
(Maybe just him in the next room)
Not surrounded by windows. Or shadows.
Or smiling strangers with needs being met.

Or hearing toddlers and husbands. (Ghosts)
Or sitting in your chair.

Being embarrassed by the fact it all has to be held back.
Because its not my place. It never is.

Tragically cute. In the kingdom.
Impatient. Give up.

Cant be checked if not near it.

(Let the snow stop)

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