Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dear B,

thank you thank you for always turning on the electric blanket so i dont freeze to death on your leather couch, which btw, makes me sweat kinda funny and thats why im all touch and go by the 3rd cup of coffee on Sunday morning. I know, i never told you that. I cant wait to create a little herb garden and things of that nature in the yard. i wanna drink tea with you on the new improved back porch that is going to be created in the near future. i promise one day i will go skiing with you. but to give you warning, my face may stick like that due to being in car, and going to be out in snow ALL day. Just sayin. I love you that much. i like how your not all know it all just cause you might know better than me but wont say it. (well, hardly ever.) i miss you when youre gone and wanna run and hide when i sit beside you. its glorious punishment that i long for more of. im glad you buy me things that i do/will use and maybe to the point of obsession. how many of the things are you wearing that I bought for you? answer: everything but the underroos. i am thankful. you pirate. whats another word for pirate treasure? its booty, and you, my B.

P.S. I find that when I discover folks my age have children and they name their children such names as Kierra, I think of being 7 and making up names for my future children. Plus I thought I would live next to my best friend when I got all grown up also. (reality has hit hard.)

P.P.S. When I hear the name Kierra, I think of Yorkshire Terriers.

P.P.P.S. I know 2 Yorkshire Terriers named Kierra. Just sayin. (occupational hazard.)

P.P.P.P.S. Everytime I hear lovin touchin squeezin by Journey, I rock out!!!! Dont tell Lionel!!!

Im as humble as a full crocodile. but would still love more to eat. i was very Clint "In a fistful of dollars."


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