Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Vicki Lawrence!!!!

In our entertaining banter B and I carry on as we collectively call "conversations", we were talking about divorced folks. I was taken aback about how he saw it. Then I reminded myself that I thought the same way before I was "in the way" of being a divorcee. Tragic. Most people, even good people see divorced people as "damaged." No? Well, some people have no clue I was ever married to a sob. So when the topic comes up they put their foot in their mouths. Unknowingly.

What about a person divorced twice? Or three times? Is this an awful person? Think twice my dears. P.S. I know more than a handful of folks who used to be in prison, or unfortunately, about to head there on Monday morning. Really.

All judgement aside, I just wonder with all our free thinking, pure hearts and minds, how much judgement do we really harbour? Quite a bit. At least I do. I have been trying to stop myself. Put my little feet into their shoesies. I have put the brakes on my mean thoughts. My presumptuous self.

It all comes down to Lent. Back to repentance. I am a raging river of confession. So far so good. I think it helps me cope. Last year, it was a coping mechanism. This year, Lent has a new air to it. I am grateful for a redo. Everyday.

Did I want chocolate yesterday? Yes. Why yes I did. Did I eat chocolate yesterday? No. No I did not. I did go work out, even though I hated every second of it. But I made a promise. To my God, and to myself. Never give up. In the event of failure though, tomorrow is another day. (fingers crossed.)

I have let the reins out a little. You know me all wound up and ready to go at the drop of a hat. This quality is endearing to most I have friendships with. (Yay!) It makes others run like hell. (Yay!) The more I genuinely accept about myself, the better. (BUT STILL IMPROVE biatches!)

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