Tuesday, February 23, 2010


we searched for the things at a couple of stores. he began asking the clerk before i got the chance to look. i didnt mind too much. it all goes back to doing things my way. we listened to music and i sat by the sliding glass doors going to the back yard. visions of what is about to happen flashed in my eyes. if only the visions could come out. i wore long socks and drew maddening pictures of what will be. the drawings looked exactly like life. unfortunately, so did i. so we played makeover or in some cases, it was a make under and improved the outlook at an alarming rate. this put a huge smile on my face. and what is mean to be. i prefer when its only us at the house and not under arrest. they ate all the cookies and i was relieved bc i couldnt even have a bite.

so i took a bite of life and it suppressed my appetite for a good period of time. 5 or 6 minutes to the max. i cut the apple, took out the seeds. he laughed in the only way he can. it was a dream, and it was perfect. it was ours. for forever.

encouraged by the day and prospects, we did eventually wander out and i wasnt so angry at the world. the hipsters hid. in that junky bar by the tracks. behind all that plaid, it made our heads pound with emotion. our hearts came out of our chests like the snakes coming out of the holes and burrows from winter.

how do they know the right time? these snakes. good faith? a rumbly in their tumbly? i guess you cant change that. ha. just a few weeks and they'll all be back with a vengeance and ready for carnage. the table need to be moved before the wasps set up dangerous nests. im worried.

i guess the world may never know. the secret is too good to tell everyone anyhow. i thought it looked like a foo man choo. it wasnt as attractive though. its funny how the lens changed over time. it was a bloody nightmare. prayers and needs were met. in a short period of time and frustration. how odd the timeline. i still belly laugh as i look through the woods. you can still see the red dot. but its only a dot now.

arrived on Sunday without skipping a beat. i just want the best for you. no matter what. i held on and forgot to close my eyes. it turned into the tunnel scene. Gene Wilder sure can run fast. so dont close your eyes. take your little eyeballs off him for one second. its a traumatic lesson to learn, but absolutely valid.

the swelling finally relaxed and went down a touch at a time. i knew we would have to be ready to go or on our way. i just want an answer. it should have been given. by now. even though it was a million years old, he liked it bc it was mine. it smells like you. classic. if i wanted a new one i could buy one, i am sure glad i wouldnt want to replace it. herd me in with the rest of the cattle. able for the slaughter. eager to jump off the bridge. cliff. or whatever your mother warned us about. she is very sharp. cut to the bone with the wit.

taking the teapot from the shelf we drank. full, full, full. what made it better is that it was almost water. which we are made 97000% of. and our world is covered by 9898% as well. if that made it a right choice then kudos to the man in the mirror.

i have been writing about these true things for quite some time now. written between the lines. sheets. blurred. glad I only slept and didnt wander in even though it made you shake and unable to admit the disappointment we both shared. i begged. which was the worst thing ever. in the pond. supper was only okay. i am not a faker. only analyzer. who loves to drink. i like this. on the couch. in the back of the van. waiting to go. smoking. i like to drink. on my terms. forced out of hiding and pure wanton lust i eyeballed it all too much. i was greedy. lusty. a lusty woman with bad insight. brave enough to go see about the answer any doggone way. we returned the bottle just how they asked without any quarreling or discourse. the men seemed to understand. the peace offering was small, just like him.

benadryl on the daily is the only way to survive. thats the way it is. the only thing i ever wrote was washed away in the sand. it was slightly gritty. the message so carefully prepared arrogantly erased. in one second. tell me. psycho analyze your misfortune. please dont give mine a chance. I am unsure why it does that. makes no sense. refusing camaraderie.

My brain is ruined for the summer.

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