Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Alright. It's here once more. That's fine by me. Because I need repentance. Lent for some is to give up some so and so bad thing that hinders them from living a full life. Huh? Maybe it's just me. I like giving up things. But I have had to give up. Repeatedly. Usually I reap more rewards after giving up that hinders me from really enjoying life. So I repent. Openly and aggressively. Its especially hard if your road seems considerably harder than others. Or if you bear burdens all on your own. Or if you fight the same fight and reap the same outcome. Change cant come if you do the same thing over and over. Change has to happen. Again, I repent.

I repent of over consumption of sugar, the overwhelming need to be lazy. I repent of my jealousy, my anger, my out and out distaste of life not being fair.

Sometimes I am so grateful for the valleys, some times I beg for mountaintops. On occasion, I am given these rewards. I also have to be quiet. My squawking and tireless complaining is what exhausts me and makes me unruly. It completely ruins everything.

All he said was that he felt left out. I did relate.

I still cant stand SM. I will still send blood money. Because whatever I need will be added unto me.

P.S. I promise to buy a round when I get my 3 million back on my taxes. Yeah, 3 million.

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