Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Women Love Star Trek

Every thigh-shaking moment. I don't even know where to begin. This one, is going to be extremely emotional. And satisfying.

Star Trek was so amazing, I had to drink whiskey afterward. And eat pizza. (yeah, I faltered on the whole diet thing.) It's not even a diet, for me, gah, I'm not explaining this.....

Every shot, every line, every character, was so blazingly breath-taking beautiful, it changed me. Changed me to the point, I had a new identity. The score. The SCORE! Crap. The score could have been enough for me. Oh, but, but, there I was. What? Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer. It made me want to shoot up the place. You know that's a good movie. You feel revived, reborn, ready. For action. Real or imagined. Shoot whiskey, fuck, steal cars, drive super fast......cry it out.

I mean, shit. My blue eyes were as wide as saucers. I didn't have one thought about anything else during this gorgeous movie. ~~~~~ Hard, just like your boyfriend.

My favorite part? Oh, my favorite part. Again. the score. The score. It was my favorite part. You guessed it would have been one of the good looking men?I do like dudes. I likes 'em. I really like dudes that admire my legs and feet. (or shoes)

I almost cried TWICE. TWICE. Let me say again, TWICE. In Star Trek, I felt like it was The Notebook. It was that emotional for me. Medication? Stuff me full of Star Trek. That is plenty to keep me well..... Not since The Rocky Horror Picture Show, have I been shaped up from all the glorious feelings, a movie could conjure up inside of me.

A little background on Rocky Horror? So many things were happening in the time, that shaped me. Star Trek, just got shoved in the middle of it all. (Still on my knees...)

I can hang on a little longer..... the mystery? I can appreciate anything.
Apparently, it makes me into the brave little soldier.

Beam me up. Is this what it feels like when the Madonna cries blood? The statue? Not whore monger Madonna celebrity trash hole. There's the rub. I'm missing. Not missing out though.

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