Monday, May 11, 2009


Do over!!!! Think Wayne's World, when those monkeyboys are out in the street playin' hockey.

Just a little overwhelmed today. Unable to collect my thoughts. But curious about yours. So? How are you? Very well I hope.

Confused as ever? Just put the car in park and think about where you want to go....

Me? Far away from here. Far away from my reality. I am too curious about the future, and I am more than positive that's why it isn't getting any closer.

Still have window's up. The air conditioner is just useless right now.

And, I'm mad. I may be in the middle of a god blessed Epiphany too.

I don't understand why the path is so rocky. I can't comprehend, why the door won't open.

I'm sure I'm going to run like hell tonight. It won't be an issue. Gonna do the effin steps too. I can feel my hammy's burnin already. It's cool. Just wait at the top for me.

I may not want to stop.

Thankful I can sleep right now. I'm more than sure it's the hamsters running around all day that makes me tired at night.

My dream? Last week. About Johnny Knoxville and Landa. Me and a boy with the mix of my ex-husband, and this other dude I had dated. And, we were in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house. The original. But, nothing scary was happening. No, Leatherface didn't serve up martini's. Landa and JK, were going to make out, or make a baby, or something. The boy and I? No baby making, just going to eat dinner. Not, with Leatherface. So, boy went to the bathroom, I had put us on the waiting list. Waiting list. Sister Girl Lady called out my old name. Brice? Nope. Not me. This other chick a doodle doo was like, it's her, pointing to me. I'm like no, that's not my name. She said, yeah it is. I heard you. I heard you say that's your name. I persisted, with, that's not my name. (insert video of the Ting Tings. ) I started yelling at Lady, and said, just wait a second, Mr. Man will be here in a few. So, I waited. And waited. And waited.

And woke up.

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