Friday, May 29, 2009

Peter Pan and Wendy

Just like how a little Def Leppard song can make us girls dance like strippers. I mean it. Turn that mother on, and watch us go. Writhe like snakes, shaking our rears, eating it up.

I'm somewhere in between. Here and there. In between the rainbows and Neverland. But not The Neverland Ranch. Where? Dreamy almost.

Dreaming of what could happen. (I stole that from Sue. ) Could.

Unaware of the time, and pretty much all of reality. I know nothing of it. I like that.

I won't know until you tell me. So, if there's something you're holding back, maybe you should tell me today. Or later in the week. Whatever makes you comfortable.

This weekend? Has to be a Real World weekend. Started Thursday. With on-call. I just wanted a sip of Dos Equis. Bed check was a breeze last night. Didn't doubt. I curled up in bed after giving Champ a bath. Sunday, I have to work. Cut up my day. After 5, I will be free.

(Saturday, can be kind of a free day, minus, the work.)

"Be sure you deeply appreciate people and sincerely communicate lots of authentic encouragement to them."

"Make sure you give away authentic affirmation and encouragement. And do it often."

We all know that, but do we live it?

Driving through Dandridge, the car ahead of me, there were 2 people. A woman and a man. The woman had her hand on the back of the man's head, kind of stroking him. They leaned in for a kiss, and then I realized how badly I had been tailgating.

Isn't it crazy, how our vision changes? One person may have just seen the car, but I saw what was happening inside the car.

That's me. My vision? Is completely intense. It drives me bonkers some days. I think about hiding in the pantry. And wait for you to find me. It turns out, I'm hiding in the old farm house my Mamaw and Papaw Mowry lived in. The pantry? Always smelled like coconut.

I can't fool you can I?

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